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Testimonials and reviews


"Mark was phenomenal with the handling of my case and special circumstances. He truly allowed me to express what I felt the problems were with my previous attorney, listened and came up with effective, creative solutions that the courts, and even my ex were agreeable to. 

Myself, and my children are so grateful for everything Mark and Family First has done for us. The relief I have received on a daily basis from having a plan put together that works is more than words could ever express. Thank you! I happily recommend Mark and his firm to my family and friends."


"I found myself in a precarious situation with not being married to the mother of my child, and living in Ohio, and having little to no rights as an unmarried father. I was referred to Mark by one of my friends who had recently dealt with similar circumstances. I did not realize prior to my girlfriend and I splitting up, how few rights fathers have in most states, especially if you are not married to the mother. 

Mark really knew his stuff, and it made a huge difference in my case. By really knowing the ins and outs of the law, he was able to fight ridiculous motions from the other side with great finesse. I am truly happy with the outcome, and was honored he would ask me if I would write a review. Highly recommend Mark and Family First Law Offices, everyone at his office is great!!!"


"I had a child custody case that needed an attorney who understood the significance of keeping my children safe. I had other attorneys in the past, but none of them seemed to put time in effort in to my case. Attorney Eppley met me on a Saturday afternoon and by early the following week, documents had been drafted.

I felt like I could tell Attorney Eppley everything and he made me feel like my children mattered, as if they were his children. I appreciate his knowledge of family law and what he said the process would be lie, was exactly what happened. I am forever grateful for Attorney Eppley and will recommend my friends to him. Oh, and one other thing, he is prompt on returning phone calls and answering his phone even after hours."


"I was involved a very messy Domestic Violence situation. I had been abused for years by my husband, and he began flipping it over on our children. I almost didn’t call Mark’s office at first, because my experience with men had been so negative over my lifetime. I looked at the name of his firm, and realized I needed to give it a try. Family First that is what I was putting my faith into. I managed the courage to pick up the phone, and reach out to Mark. The first person I spoke with was Megan. I must tell you I was a little relieved it was a woman. She listened, comforted my fears, and even prepped Mark with my circumstances before he called me back. 

He was patient, and kind. He reassured me he and his firm would do everything they possibly could to help create safety and security for myself and my children. They put me in touch with resources for advocates to assist with the abuse, who then helped me find counseling. Court was so scary to me. I was terrified the courts would find me unfit, because I allowed myself to be abused for so long. Mark assured me the steps I was taking to protect my children, to ensure their safety would all be highlighted. He was right. Police and prosecutors were able to build a case against my now ex-husband, which has sent him to prison for a long time, and assisted us with a protected identity. I was so delighted when he asked if I would recommend him, and I can say absolutely I will. Thank you Family First for all of your hard work, your listening skills, and your general love for your clients. We are FOREVER grateful."


"As a man it is difficult to articulate that I needed someone else to be my voice, but I did. I was in a physically abusive relationship for almost 20 years. I am still embarrassed I allowed myself to accept her physical violence toward me. I cannot go back and change the last 20 years, but Mark and his office were the positive voice of reason to show me I could change my future. More importantly I could stop the violence for my children. He gave me my voice back!! He provided referrals for support, and counseling. He did not let me falter when I was weak, and if he was not encouraging me it was his incredible support staff. I often wonder if I had not been referred to him, if I or one of my children would still be here. 

I will never be able to thank Mark and Family First for everything they have done for me, and my children. My ex-wife was forced into counseling, and required to maintain her medication. She can only see the children with supervised visits. What a blessing, absolutely a blessing."


"I had a great experience with Mr. Eppley and his staff. They were kind, courteous, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them for any law relating to family issues. They kept me informed, gave me honest feedback, and made a horrific situation easier to handle."